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Frequently asked questions

What Covid-19 precautionary measures have you taken to adjust to the “new normal”?

Our school has been remodeled to allow social distancing. All our lesson rooms have been expanded to allow 2 pianos in each room (one for a teacher and another for a student to use) so that there's no instrument sharing. Also, a large sneeze-guard plexiglass has been installed in each lesson room to separate student and teacher. In addition, there are UV Air Sanitizers in each room. There's plenty of social distancing in our waiting area too.

Do you provide online lessons?

Yes we do! Because many families loved the convinience of virtual lessons during Covid-19 lockdown they decided to stay online. And some students are actually doing better online!!! We'll be happy to provide Zoom, Skype or FaceTime music lessons to your child. We have high speed Wi-Fi and use all the necessary equipment (tripods, device mounts, etc.) to make our virtual lessons on par with in-person.  

What is the cost of lessons?

Please refer to our Tuition and Fees page for more details.

Do you offer an introductory lesson before we make a commitment?

Yes. We offer a 30-min introductory lesson for just $45.

Should I sit at lessons with my child?

Per Covid-19 new guidlines we ask that parents sit in the waiting area. All lesson rooms have interior windows so you can always observe your child's lesson. 

At what age can my child start lessons?

We recommend that your child is at least five years old. The attention span, interest and ability to focus play a big role. Add your desire to expose them to music at an early age, and that should help us determine their readiness.

How can I help my child practice and retain interest for lessons?

Your child will enjoy lessons much more if he/she sets aside time at home for practicing. Not only practicing develops great time management and self-discipline skills but also gives a great sense of accomplishment! Some children love to practice and will spend a long time at the piano while others need more encouragement from parents. You can help your child by setting a certain time of the day (10-15mins for beginners or 30-60mins for intermediate or advanced students) which will be dedicated to practicing.

Do you offer recitals?

Due to Covid-19 our student recitals/local festivals/competitions are postponed. We will offer a virtual pre-recorded recital and remote exams through RCM program. We also invite students to share their performances on our Facebook page any time.

What is your missed lesson policy?

Your teacher commits to your weekly lesson and is left with lost time if you don’t show up. We do not refund for missed lessons. Please refrain from coming if you’re sick. Due to Covid-19, for everyone’s safety make-up lessons will only be provided online per instructors’ availability.

What if a teacher misses a lesson?

Occasionally, a teacher may miss a lesson due to an illness or emergency. Whenever this happens, your teacher will make sure to make it up.